What exactly is ‘organic’? The Gassy Cow explains…

Hi. I’m the Gassy Cow. People ask me..."Gassy Cow, what's the deal with organic food and stuff."  Well as some of you know, I am organic cow too, an environmentally friendly cow if you like, so I know quite a bit about the topic.  If a farmer wants to sell organic produce there are there are all sorts of stuff that he’s got to do to call his produce and meats organic. As a matter of fact, its not what he has to do, there are a great many things that he has to NOT do.  I’m going to explain what it means to be organic.

For the sake of fluency I will refer to the farmer and handler as ‘he’ but I realise there are plenty of ladies working hard in the farming industry too!

For wheat, milk or beef to be organically grown every step of the process must also be organic.  There are several steps, let's see what has to be done on each:

  1. Land, Mud and Manure

  2. Crops

  3. Livestock

  4. Pests, Weeds and Disease

  5. Handling Organic Produce

  6. Exceptions to the Rules